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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Story of Jesus Christ...Go into all the world and preach the gospel!

This is why we are here in Argentina.  We want to share the story of Jesus Christ.  We begin in Genesis to tell the story of how God, the Creator of the Universe, had a unique plan for us.  He created us in His image and so we are very special to Him.  He formed a beautiful world for Adam and Eve, the first man and woman.  It was a perfect world.  One that we can only imagine now.  We are the descendants of Adam and Eve and so the world was also created for us. But now...today...we look around and we do not see a perfect world.  In fact, we see horrible things happening every day on the news.  What happened?  We have all asked that question.

This is why we want to begin where God begins.  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God knows everything so He could create a perfect world.  He made no mistakes because He is the Supreme and All-Powerful God.  He created a very beautiful world because He is a Loving and Good God.  He is also a Holy God.  There is none like Him.

God wanted Adam and Eve to choose to love Him with all their heart, soul, and mind.  He provided everything they could ever want and then blessed them.  He communicated with them and made His plans very clear to them.  They lived in a huge, beautiful garden with absolutely no inconveniences at all. There was no pain.  There were no weeds.  There was not anything that could harm them.  They were going to live forever in the presence of the eternal God.  Of all the fruit trees in the garden they were allowed to eat, there was only one that was forbidden, just one.  That was their test.  They could choose to love and obey God and not eat of that one tree.  They chose to eat from that one tree.  They chose to dishonour the Loving and Good Father.  And because God is Holy and cannot abide with sin, by their choice, they were choosing to be separated from God.

But God is a Loving and Holy God.  In this beautiful garden that was now marred by sin, God made a promise that was for Adam and Eve and all their descendants.  He would send a special descendant, through Eve, who would be able to reconcile God and man.  This descendant would be called The Redeemer, or the Liberator from the power of sin and the effects of sin, which is eternal separation from God and punishment forever.  There is only ONE who can save mankind.  There is only ONE who could fulfil what God required in order to save mankind.  That Redeemer would be God Himself, coming in the flesh, living a perfect life, and dying as a substitute in the place of man.  All sin is punished.  The punishment for sin is death, forever separated from God.  There is no hope without God's plan.  Man cannot come up with anything to please God.  Only faith, or confidence, in His Redeemer can please God.

God desires to take us on a spiritual journey to know Him, who He really is, what He is like, and how He is working in the lives of all the descendants of Adam and Eve.  He IS a God who communicates, but we have to listen first to His Story.  He takes us on a long journey that lasts over 4,000 years.  Why so long one wonders?  He wants us to understand that He is the Creator God of the universe.  Out of nothing He can create anything He wants because He is all-powerful.  He wants us to know that He is a faithful and loving God ready to forgive sin, but also that He will not wait forever.  This is the story that you should want to hear.  This is the story that God wants to tell you.  God would like you to have an open heart and begin reading the Bible without jumping to a lot of conclusions.  He would like You to listen while He speaks to You through His Word.  He wants you to see what He says about life and death.

There is only One True God and the pride of man keeps him from coming to this One True God.
There are not many ways to God.  The Bible is very clear on that.  There is only One Way and that is to listen to this story, this Word.  God has revealed Himself to mankind through His Beautiful Creation, although marred from sin, and also through his Holy Word.  God looks for us first because we are born separated from Him because of Adam's sin.

The stories in the Bible are not about good and bad people...in the sense that...some are born good and some are born bad.  Cain and Abel were both born separated from God.  They both listened to the story their father told them about the Creation of the World and what happened in the Garden with their parents.  They were normal children.  And what is that?  Fighting with one another and lying to each other and to their parents.   No one can deny that.  But Abel believed in his heart what God said about his sin and by offering a sacrifice he admitted that he was born a rebel, separated from God, full of pride.  Adam told his son that he tried to cover up his own sin because he was so ashamed at what he had done.  He was not filled with joy and happiness, having been promised some great wisdom that he never had before; he was filled will shame and sadness and fear and anger.  Totally opposite from what the Serpent had said...totally opposite.  Adam and his wife both covered themselves up and hid from their loving Creator.

"Adam, where are you?"
God knew where Adam was because God knows all things.  He wanted Adam to admit where he was in his relationship to God.  Adam had to step out of those bushes and face God.  God wanted Adam to admit what he had done.  Can you imagine how many times Adam had to relay that story to his family?  Can you imagine living for 900 years and telling that story over and over again?  "Daddy, why in the world did you do that?"   "Grampa, why in the world did you do that?"  Abel believed this story and put his confidence in the coming Redeemer and that is the only reason that God said something good about Abel in Hebrews ll.  God is the only one who can make us good.  We have nothing in us that can make us good.  Cain wanted to come and please God the way he thought was best.  He did not want to admit that he was born rebellious.  He thought he was good.  When God did not accept him because Cain did not believe in what God had said about his sin, he was angry with God and took his anger out on his brother and killed him.  God was ready to forgive Cain for this, but Cain walked away from God and did not want anything to do with His Creator anymore.  It was his choice.

God asks the same question to everyone who is born into this world.  At some point in our lives, or many times, we have faced the Creator in different ways.  People have talked to us about the Bible.  We have heard messages from different social media.  There are many ways that people come into contact with God's message for mankind.  For those who have never heard this message, there are missionaries working every day to try and get this message out to all the world.  And God is asking the same question today to each person as he did to Adam.

Where are you in your relationship with God?
Do you believe His Story that unfolds in the Bible?

Please contact us if you would like further help in knowing more about this story.
There are so many things to teach from the Bible that trying to put the message, in a nutshell, doesn't always do it justice.  I could have said so many more things, but this is a beginning.

This was written by Gail Owens.  I have had many good Bible teachers in the 46 years that I have been a Christian.  I have especially been taught and challenged by my husband for 40 years of our marriage.  I am thankful for all the truths that I have learned and have been able to put into practice in my life.  This was a condensing of teachings I have received and how it all came together in my own mind and words hopefully for the glory of God.  This is my one and only desire, the foremost goal of my life each day, to be able to share God's Word and help families come to know Christ and ground them in the Word of God, working alongside my husband in whatever way possible as the men work in Argentina with my husband to plant biblical churches that will be a blessing in the communities where each are living. 

If you are reading this, you have one of two views:  Either you are a Christian with an understanding of the Bible and you accept by faith that God's Word is true and have what we call a Biblical Worldview
you are a person without knowledge of the Bible, which we call God's Word, and you are probably in disagreement with many things and you have what's called a Secular Worldview.  In a Secular Worldview, you are the deciding authority as to what is truth and you are seeking to make sense of your life without God.  I have a Biblical Worldview because I have chosen this book, the Bible, and God, the Creator as the authority in my life and so everything that I write stems from this belief.

You are welcome to write to my husband or myself or even make comments that are not degrading or slandering.  I believe people with both worldviews should be able to comment and state what they believe without degenerating to nasty comments.  They will be deleted.  If you disagree, that is fine, but if it gets nasty and ugly, they will be deleted.  God allows us to have our views, right or wrong, but in the end, He says that every knee will bow before Him. May God help you on your spiritual journey to know Him, the only One True God of the Universe.


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