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Friday, February 19, 2016

Country homes in Cordoba, Argentina

These are photos from Villa del Totoral, Cordoba, Argentina.  The houses are called "casonas" which are country homes.  The houses are long with rooms in a row on both sides of a block. The house is not a square.  What you see from the outside is only the width of one room.  So, looking at the picture below, the house extends to the left with  maybe two rooms and then it extends to the right with maybe two other rooms.  On the inside of this house you have a courtyard.  As you will see in other pictures of casonas, there may be as many as six or more rooms extending in either direction.  So on the other side of this picture, you will have a big porch and each room has a door out into the courtyard.  Sometimes the rooms have doors between one another.

An abandoned house that is now being restored.  Will look forward to seeing the results.

This is another side of the abandoned house now in the process of being restored.

If you entered this door, within twelve to fourteen steps, you would be out in the courtyard.  The rest of the rooms of the house are on the left or right of this door.  This door is along the side of the house.

This door is on the corner.  If you would enter this room within twelve to fourteen steps, you would also reach the courtyard.  So, as you look to the left and right of this casona, there would probably be two windows to each room.

Flooding down by the River

Many of the casonas are in disrepair and it is costly to restore them.


  1. I loved seeing the pictures of these casonas. Since I never got to experience living in the country the way you guys have. I love you and miss you.

    1. I just now saw this dear daughter! Ha! Guess I wasn't receiving notices. Glad you liked them! I love you and MISS you tons!